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Authentic Neapolitan pizza post

Real neapolitan dough. Water, sea salt, yeast and flour. What make an authentic Neapolitan Pizza At Brigade, you can eat the truest Neapolitan pizza on this side of the ocean. 12" Diameter - Real Neapolitan pizza comes in only one size. A Soft Chewy Crust with slight charring and leopard spots. A Moist and soupy center. Authentic Neapolitan

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All natural neapolitan dough

Real neapolitan dough. Water, sea salt, yeast and flour. HAND MADE We make our pizza dough the exact same way it was done hundreds of years ago in Naples Italy. All natural At Brigade, we make our pizza dough the exact same

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What’s new this season

Hello asparagus. Meet our newest ingredient this season. We roast asparagus in our wood burning ovens for that perfect crunch and taste. Add it to your custom pizza, pannouzzo, or salad. SPRING SEASONAL SIGNATURES. PIZZAS Asparagus & Chêvre Bianca (Fresh Mozzarella, Grana Padano, Wild Oregano, with Roasted Asparagus, Goat Cheese)

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Made the same way for 200 years.

Real neapolitan dough. Hand stretch one by one the authentic way. AUTHENTIC At Brigade, we make our neapolitan pizzas the same way they were made 200 years ago. What is neapolitan pizza? Of all the different kinds of pizza, only Neapolitan pizza, is defined and governed

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