Real neapolitan dough.

Water, sea salt, yeast and flour.

What make an authentic Neapolitan Pizza

At Brigade, you can eat the truest Neapolitan pizza on this side of the ocean.

  • 12″ Diameter – Real Neapolitan pizza comes in only one size.
  • A Soft Chewy Crust with slight charring and leopard spots.
  • A Moist and soupy center. Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is very thin and soft.
  • Made from simple and fresh ingredients: Raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and olive oil.
  • A Real Neapolitan pizza cook at 900°F in a wood fire oven for 60-90 seconds.

Who says that a true pizza one can eat only in Naples.

“Vera pizza napoletana”

History of Neapolitan pizza.

Born in Naples, raised in Montréal.

Neapolitan pizza had humble beginnings, a common food for the poor people living around Naples Italy 300 years ago.  Neapolitan pizza was sold in open-air stands in the crowded streets of Naples. The “Marinara” pizza that we serve at Brigade, is the exact same as was waiting for the fishermen returning from fishing in the Bay of Naples hundreds of years ago, tomato, oregano, garlic and extra virgin oil. The other traditional pizza you can nd at Brigade is the “Margherita”, created Margherita of Savoy, a pizza evoking the colors of the Italian ag- green basil leaves, white fresh mozzarella, and red toma

Neapoletan pizza doesn’t have fathers, doesn’t have owners, it’s the fruit of neapolitan geniality.

“Antonio Pace”
President of Verace Pizza Napoletana Association

What is a Real Neapolitan Pizza?

Authentic Neapolitan pizza you can custom build.

Neapolitan Pizza is the only type of pizza in the world, that to be authentic, must abide by strict rules in the way way it is made, the ingredients used, and the way it looks. Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN )is the only o cial organiz ensure that people adhere to the same quality and methods of preparation of neapolitan pizza as it has been for the past 300 years.

At Brigade, we do Neapolitan pizza following the strict VPN way. Grace and JD, Brigade’s foundersare both VPN certi ed pizzaiolos, who learned from a nea pizzaiolo master.

What’s the VPN way?
Born in Naples, raised in Montréal.

The dough must be made with only four natural ingredients- 00 Caputo Flour, yeast, water, and sea salt. No sugars or oils. Dough must be opened by hand, never mechanical Cooked in wood burning ovens at 900F Cooked in 60-90 seconds

Our dough is fermented naturally over 24 hours in a room temperature controlled environment that is the same as the Mediterranean climate, where Neapolitan pizza was born.

Our ovens reach 1000 degrees F. Only with wood burning re, a neapolitan oven, and a skilled pizzaiolo can maintain tha necessary for creating the best Neapolitan pizza.

Our tomatoes. See how we make our sauce.WATCH
Our dough. See what we are looking for. WATCH
Real Neapolitan pizza. See what what we call Real. WATCH