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Born in Naples, Raised in Montreal.

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Of all the different kinds of pizza, only Neapolitan pizza, is defined and governed by an official group called Vera Pizza Napoletana from Naples Italy. For more than 300 years Real neapolitan pizza have been governed by these rules. Our co-founders, Grace and Jean-Daniel are both VPN certified and are committed to bring you the real Naples experience.

A Neapolitan Pizza is by definition 12” in diameter, very thin, soft and moist in the middle, with leopard spots and slight charring around the crust. Eat like a true Neapolitan! They enjoy their pizza with a fork and knife, then dip their crust in the pool of cheese and olive oil..

Neapolitan pizza need intense fire.

To be called a true Neapolitan pizza, a Real neapolitan pizza must be brought to life by the intense heat of wood fire, cooked at 900°F in 60-90 seconds by a skilled pizzaiolo. Our pizzaioli are specially train and are require to practice multiple hours before being allowed to cook at our ovens.

Four simple ingredients.

At Brigade we let our dough raise naturally for 24 to 36 hours in a control environment. We believe the long process of natural rising the dough add and extra touch to the quality you experience. Our forefather did not have refrigerator so we decided to make our dough rising the same way to be as authentic as possible so you can experience the Real neapolitan pizza.

Tomatoes and basil only.

Our Non-GMO tomatoes imported from Italy are grown and packaged from beginning to the end by the same company therefore insuring us of the quality we find on each pizza.

No shredded cheese.

At Brigade our mozzarella Fior di latte is made locally for us with Canadian cows milk.

No rollin pin.

All our pizzaiolli are specially trained to achieve the right airy crust we make at Brigade. It takes delicate yet energetic movement to open a neapolitan dough without piercing through the thin crust.

Fresh ingredients that taste.

All our ingredients are made in house. Just like it use to be no process food and prepared with care. At Brigade we don’t use any artificial flavors, colors or sugars.


It’s not just about the good food. We wanted to create a place with SOUL, a place where everyone no matter where you come from or age, would feel welcome and at home. We believe in hospitality and creating a culture of caring about each other, our guests, and our community.