Who is Brigade?

Brigade is the essence of our brigadiers who work really hard everyday to stay authentic and deliver the best pizza. Thumbs up to them. Today, they are Brigade!

The History of Brigade Pizza.

Brigade Pizzéria Napolitaine, was created in 2013 from scratch by husband and wife team. They started their journey by making Neapolitan pizzas in their backyard, before becoming Certified by the Vera Pizza Napoletana from Italy as official Pizzaiolos. After over a year of development, painstakingly working on their dough, and perfecting their craft, Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine opened its doors on Stanley Street in Downtown Montreal in 2014 and has never looked back!

The History of Brigade Pizza.

In 2008 Jean-Daniel and Grace gave up on their career as designer and decided to follow their passion for the food and retail industry. Today they have founded the well known Yeh! Yogurt which they sold in December 2012 and in August 2014 Grace Yeh and JD opened their newest project, Brigade Pizzeria napolitaine, which is a build your own pizza that follows the traditional neapolitan rules of making artisanal neapolitan pizza. (Rules established by the VPN association.)

Since the beginning, their journey have been filled with the excitement to work on bringing new ideas to the Montreal restaurant scene. While they are thriving at working on creative concepts, their passion for food quality and respect for the customer is at the center of Brigade and they make sure that their pizzas are authentic, the same way it has been made for more than 200 years. For JD and Grace it is important that Brigade focus on using the best and local ingredients from their dough thru their sauces and all the toppings you can choose from when costumising your food. Without compromise you get the quality you deserve here.

Our goal at Brigade is to bring the neapolitan pizza to the mass all across Canada. We are on our way to achieve our goal, using the fast and casual concept idea which allow us to offer the customer with an awesome experience, superior ingredients quality while reducing our operation cost and therefore being able to have lower prices.

The neapolitan art of pizza making is surrounded with rules and techniques that have to be applied properly in order to serve customer with an authentic neapolitan pizza. We use wood oven that are alway at 900°F. We use “00” flours for our dough, we use Real Italian tomatoes imported from Italy. We mix, rise, ball and open our pizzas by hand everyday and ferment our pizza dough for 24 to 36 hours before customizing it for your taste and cooking it in our piping hot wood ovens imported from Italy.

Jean-Daniel and Grace’s core belief is that fresh, great tasting, and authentically made food can be and should be accessible every day.

” We wanted to bring the quality of food that you would expect from fine dining to something that is affordable and available to the masses. We make our dough with only natural ingredients, roast our vegetables and meats by wood fire, and bake our own bread in the morning. It is very important in creating Brigade, to keep it Real”. JD Nadeau

Jean-Daniel Nadeau
Jean-Daniel NadeauFounder
Jean-Daniel Nadeau grew in Joliette and graduated from the International Academy of Design in 1999. A born entrepreneur, he started his first company at age of 8 years old selling necklaces he made himself on the streets of Rawdon, Quebec. At the tender age of 14, JD started a cleaning and service company and operated a “skate and street wear” shop at the age of 16.

After completing his schooling, he spent 3 years in China working for Raffles Institute, a design school located at the University of Science and Technologies of Guangzhou, and at the Dong Hua University of Shanghai. JD also worked in Shanghai as Artistic Director for a clothing company. Upon his return to Montreal he joined the prestigious Corus Entertainment Group and was named Director of Development, as well as Creative Director.

As Founder and CEO of Yeh! Yogourt Glace et Cafe, JD was in charge of corporate stores and franchising, branding, product development, and marketing. At Brigade JD is also Founder and President and is primarily in charge of branding, marketing, business development and day to day operations as well as cooking pizza when he does not have to fix things, do social media, design things or meet people. If you pass by in the morning or late at night you may see him behind the counter.

Grace Yeh
Grace YehFounder
Grace Yeh grew up in California and received a Graduate degree from UCLA (1998) in English literature from UCLA (Go Bruins!). In 2002 she graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. She then went on to complete 6 years of design experience in the fashion industry having worked for Tommy Hilfiger and Montreal based company “Matt and Nat”.

As Founder and Vice-President of Yeh! Yogourt Glace et Cafe, Grace was in charge of day-to-day operations of the corporate stores and product development, as well as quality control. At Brigade, Grace is also the Vice-President and is in charge of product development, day to day operations, supplier sourcing and purchasing as well as making new delicious product in their corporate kitchen (Their house).