Be real!

Be authentic be REAL.

Wholesome real ingredients.

We believe that good delicious food should be enjoyed every day.

Be Real”

What does it mean to us ? Being honest, not pretentious, simple and transparent. This is our code of conduct at Brigade.

Even though Brigade offers high quality products made to stringent standards and procedures. it is important for us that we stay accessible and affordable to the mainstream. Our restaurant offers a fast-casual happy atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and all are welcome. Through Brigade we wish to share our love for the authentic prepared quickly and done right!

Born in Naples, Raised in Montreal.

Being REAL for us also means being authentic and this is why we follow the guides and methods of the Vera pizza napoletana association, a certification that both Jean-Daniel and Grace hold. These methods and techniques of cooking have been passed down by generations for over 200 years and are still the ones used in the best neapolitan pizzerias around the world.

The techniques of natural fermentation, hand stretching of the dough, cooking of the neapolitan pizza in wood-fired ovens heated at 900°F (cooked in 60 to 90 seconds!) as well as our home made recipes, all follow a tradition, that we are really proud of. Our pizzas are served piping hot directly from our wood-fired pizza cooked in front of our customers and delivered in minutes.

“We believe that good delicious food should be enjoyed every day. Our goal is to make high quality food accessible and affordable to everyone in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We work really hard to bring the best and healthiest products to the table, no processed food.It’s just a trained cook, our fresh and home made ingredients and a wood-fired oven.” Jean-Daniel Nadeau

Real wholesome ingredients.

The “REAL” represents our commitment to offer products that are unprocessed and natural.

That’s why we prepare our daily ingredients using only simple ingredients that grows in nature and taste delicious. All of our meats are cooked in our wood-fired ovens and prepared in our kitchen. Each meatballs is rolled, each bacon slice laid down, each chicken brushed by hand and all roasted in our wood-fired oven.

The meat we use comes from animals that are grain fed GMO-free and as often as possible we use eggs from cage free chickens.

For the same price or a little more than a Fast Food restaurant you can eat a fresh and healthy meal made from the finest and freshest ingredients which will not leave you bloated or feeling guilty.